A Very Posh Show

Ardy the Anarchist

When it comes to the Beefcake King competition, there are only two neutral parties in the fitness slack channel. And both serve as the yin and yang to each other.

First is me: A neutral observer who only hopes for the stability of an empire, no matter who sits on the throne.

And then there’s Ardy: A biased agent of chaos who will troll a king if he disagrees with his actions.

To be fair though, he doesn’t do this to take any power for himself. Not only does he not want the throne, but he would not accept any power of checks and balances on the future king.

In this very incendiary interview, Ardy cracks skulls and takes names. He’ll let you know it right away who he thinks should be king and who he thinks is a totalitarian dictator with Trump-like qualities.

You will also find out what has led to the instability in the beefcake empire and why things have been so uneasy lately.

We have our own Guy Fawks in our mist and all we can do is try to survive his attempts to blow up the infrastructure of our beefcake realm.

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