A Very Posh Show

Amir: The Constitutional King?

Laissez-faire has been the ruling policy for every Beefcake King since the inception of the role.

There is one candidate, however, who wants to take a different path.

Amir claims that he will be a hands-on king, but can we believe anything he says? Is he only selling empty campaign promises?

In all of the interviews I’ve ever conducted in my life, no one has ever been as prepared as Amir. (I have interviewed him three times)

He does his research and knows what to say before you have even started prepping any questions.

And his preparation can be quite impressive. In this interview, he successfully executed a game-plan (I break it down into six points) to gain support from everyone:

1) Stated that he doesn’t believe he is a beefcake, giving him a common man vibe
2) Established a growing up small and gaining size past, making you think he has sacrificed a lot for his beef
3) Pushed another candidate (George) to seem like more of a reluctant king, should he win
4) Respected past regimes, appealing to the supporters of both
5) Incorporated slogans that were short and concise like, “It’s very easy to be lazy” and “make exercise more like play”
6) Issued challenges and acted more aggressive in the second half of the interview to appeal to the high T caucus of the fitness channel

He also learned from George’s interview by taking his time with each question – a move George used that gained a lot of praise from pundits afterwards.

People can claim to hate politicians, but most of the greatest leaders and presidents were those who played the game and played it well.

On the other hand, we are looking for a Beefcake King, not a Beefcake President.

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