A Very Posh Show

King Arcool I: The First Beefcake King

It has been many years since Arcool has done an official interview. This was his first since being deposed and in it, he touches on everything from losing the throne to his thoughts on the current competition.

Now, as an ex-king, Arcool has mostly stepped out of the beefcake limelight.

The once mighty beefcake seems to stay out of the competitions and conversations revolving around the throne. His presence is known throughout the fitness channel, but he does not involve himself in petty disputes.

He seems to be more myth than man. His peak beefcakeness respected by all competitors.

Looking back on Arcool’s reign, one can’t help but feel nostalgic. It was a simpler time when the fitness channel was peaceful and you didn’t have to be nervous about opening Slack each morning to see what rule changes someone is trying to make.

But he has earned his retirement.

He worked hard for many years as Beefcake King and he deserves this break.

He may be staying away from the competition this time around, but one can only hope that he will help the future king and be more involved with the realm again.

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