A Very Posh Show

George: The Reluctant King?

The reluctant king is often times glorified in Hollywood. A pure soul who does not want power, but is forced to lead.

But do reluctant kings really make good leaders? That is a question that will be answered if George takes the throne.

When it comes to fitness, George is the salt of the earth type of beefcake.

Punch in, lift heavy things, punch out.

George is only concerned with gaining physical power. And in a sense, that is a great quality for a potential king to have. But doesn’t a desire to lead play some role?

He claims to be one with the common man, but don’t you want your leader to have greatness in them?

Whoever sits on the throne will mold the position of Beefcake King moving forward. You can do as much or as little as you want with your power. With this contender, the latter with often be the case for him.

To be fair, he has shown glimpses of leadership during the great steroids debate of 2021 and truly made a difference in the fitness channel.

Was that a one-off or is George a leader who is just trying to set the bar low for his potential reign?

Listen to the following interview to figure out the answer for yourself.

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